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  • Chianti Food&Wine Tour

    Chianti is Tuscany's central district and is world famous for its wine production. Join us on a super classy tour to a castle and winery. Taste and experience the real thing, Chianti....

  • Florence Food Tour

    Come join us for a fantastic and delicious tasting tour through Florence.  Try traditional products made by food experts!

  • Cinque Terre and Carrara

    Come join us for tranquil hikes along the Tyrennian sea and an unforgettable expolration into the modern mines that produced the marble for Michelangelo's world reknowned David

  • Flight over Florence Hike

    While Florence originated on plains once covered with mosquito infested swamps, the ancient town of Fiesole always sat up high on a hill.  Admire from above and hike Fiesole with us!

  • Tuscan Horseback Riding

    Come ride with us through the Tuscan countryside and visit the controversial Pazzi family estate.

  • Walk Like an Etruscan

    At the heart of their realm the Etruscans built and organized an imaginary world based on the mystical belief that the living and the dead really never separated. A journey through the Etruscan supernatural!