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Natural Italy is a small company based in the U.S., authoring unconventional, cultural, personal/customizable tours. Our staff on the field and answering your calls are bilingual and have ties to the country. As Italian wine makers well know, good wine comes from small barrels, and yeah! ... we know what you were going to say, good quality and fun tours come from small companies! Here is a little bit about our "italian crew":
Jill is our office and P.R. representative. Most of the time you'll get to talk to her. She'll guide you through booking and formal related matters. Also she'll be glad to help and advise you on more general issues regarding living and traveling in Italy. She is open to your suggestions and comments about designing your own custom tour. Jill has a degree in Archaeology and Anthropology of the Italian peninsula. Jill is a native to the USA spending part of the year here in Italy.
Michele is our field representative, tour scout and designer. Frequently he'll be guiding your hikes and bike tours as he holds an Italian "excursion guide" license. Being a nature and outdoors enthusiast he will be happy to share his passion with you. He'll also be concerned about making your experience with us enjoyable and safe. Michele has a degree in forestry and is an expert in the Mediterranean environment. Michele is an Italian, but is fluent in English.

The tours, excursions and activities that we offer were designed and tested by us with the goal of experiencing Italian nature, culture and food. This is why we decided to call our little enterprise "Natural Italy"!... So, at any time, we do our best to come out with a short list of tours that distinguish themselves for their uncommon beauty and cultural features (check out our galleries' pictures that we've included in the description of every tour, what you see is what you actually get!). Also this short list is a constant work in progress as it will never be finished. Please consider that buying a tour from us is somehow like shopping at the local farmer's market, products may change according to season and customers' enjoyment. We normally try to avoid over crowded commercial destinations and lead small groups at a time. Whether you joined us already for a tour or you are visiting this site for the first time, we welcome your ideas and requests. In this sense we invite you to open our help us out page and use the links created for feedback information, cooperation and partnership.

Consulting and Planning is at the core of our activities. We might be in the travel business but hey! … we’re demanding travelers ourselves. We can work together towards the goal of making your experience in Italy worth your expectations. What about getting thoroughly informed and going beyond standard travel literature and the web? This is useful if you are planning something special in Italy! If this is for you, please refer to our consulting and planning page. Also visit our blog, it's a valuable source of information and gives insight from a local perpective.
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