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Feedback When you tell us about your experience with us or you share your ideas about our site and what we offer, you do us a big favour! This information will be used to introduce useful changes to our activities, for our own benefit and the one of travellers that will join us in the future. Whether you met us already during a tour or you are visiting this site for the first time, you are welcome to use info@naturalitaly.it to share your thoughts and impressions about us specifing "feedback" in the subject of your message.

Cooperation We look forward to network with people, including those that already run tours. Our starting point is appreciation for other's ideas, experience and knowledge. Our goal is to establish cooperation based on mutual acknowledgement and respect. If you have an interest in our activities and believe that it might be worth dropping us a line, please do not hesitate and use info@naturalitaly.it to contact us specifing "cooperation" in the subject of your message.

Partnership Follow up the procedure below to file a request to become our partner. We will process it and provide you with a username and a password which you will use to log in. At this point you will be able to place reservations for third parties, having us knowing that you're the intermediator. As soon as you will be accepted as our partner you will also be provided with more information, including details about the benefits that you will be granted for helping us out. If you have any request about becoming our partner we can still have a chat over the net or over the phone. Below we included a set of fields that you need to complete to submit your request. Please note that all the fields classified with the * sign are mandatory.

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