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Rod Meldrum is well known for his website and publications on historical and archaeological evidence on the Book of Mormon. Come join us and hear his perspective on early Christian sites in Italy and see the Rome temple in person. Experience this once in a lifetime opportunity as we become part of this world changing event!  In addition to the Rome temple open house, experience a tour of early Christian Italy: We will explore early Christian Rome, Renaissance Florence, medieval Lucca, Pisa and Venice gateways to the crusades, Ravenna's early Christian churches with full immersion baptismal fonts and mosaics, and Milan, the portal that brought Christianity to the rest of Europe. Don't miss the opportunity to join Rod for this enlightening trip through time. 

TOUR DETAILS Dates to be defined. Please note that this is the group itinerary.

Day 1 - Arrive Rome Italy
Transfer to hotel and remainder of day at Leisure.
7:00 pm This evening there will be a meet and greet.
Day 2 - Rome
Rome, The eternal city - a city steeped in history, vibrantly alive and exciting and absolutely unique! Today we will visit the Vatican and its museums, as well as some early Christian sites around the Colosseum.  (breakfast and lunch included)
Day 3 - Rome
Today you will attend the temple open house. If you would like to participate in a service project we will be doing in the morning. We will have lunch near the temple. There will be an afternoon transfer to Florence. (breakfast and lunch included)
Day 4 - Florence
Morning free time in Rome.  Afternoon transfer to Florence. We will have a cooking class in Florence upon arrival.  (Breakfast and dinner included)
Day 5 - Florence
Today we will visit the Renaissance city of Florence and learn its importance in the Great Apostasy.  We will also visit the Uffizi Gallery and Accademia (breakfast included)
Day 7 - Pisa/Lucca
This Morning we will drive to Pisa for a visit to its Square of Miracles and the amazing Leaning Tower. Later we will head on to Lucca. In Lucca we will visit some early Christian sites. (breakfast and lunch included)
Day 7 - Ravenna
As we move on to Venice we will make a stop in the old capital of the Western Roman Empire.  Here we will visit churches that still have full immersion fonts and see mosaics with temple rites displayed upon their walls. In the afternoon we will transfer to Venice. (breakfast and lunch included)
Day 8 - Venice
Venice is more like a marvelous film set than a real live city, with its criss-crossing canals, gondolas and water buses, arched bridges, palaces, and quaint squares. There will be an orientation tour and a once in a lifetime opportunity to ride in a gondola through the grand canal. (breakfast and lunch included)
Day 9 - Milan
You will have the morning to explore Venice at your leisure.  We will transfer to Milan in the early afternoon. (breakfast included)
Day 10 - Milan
Today we will get to see the world famous Last Supper by none other than Leonardo da Vinci.  We will also have a visit to some of the important sites in Milan.  The afternoon is open for last minute shopping.  We will have a farewell meal in the early evening.  (breakfast and dinner)
Day 11 - Depart for home
Today sadly you must say goodbye to your new friends and this beautiful country and return home. After breakfast you will be transferred to the airport for your trip home. Early morning transfers are not a problem.

What this tour includes:
Shuttle to/from Rome and Milan airports. Transportation to scheduled visits. Meals included in itinerary. Guided visits and museum entrances to scheduled appointments, extra scheduled activities i.e. museums entrances, gondola rides, etc. Nights of the first to the tenth day in 3 star hotel accommodations or equivelent. Pre-announced meals are included. Pre-date announcement price is € 1520, Post-date announcement price is € 1620. € 75 is required for pre-date announcement booking to confirm your spot.  This € 75 goes towards the total price of your tour.

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